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how to reset android locks??

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Now in this post i am going to explain about how to reset your android a days android platform has occupied the whole mobiles and it is used by many people..many people often forget their lock pattern and this post about how to reset android locks may be very useful to them..unlocking the forgotten android password is very simple and this method can be used to unlock any type of android lock like pattern lock,number lock etc

when you enter a wrong password for more than five times it will  give you a warning and you have to try after  30 seconds.but when u totally forget your password then you have to reset your android reset the android lock without losing your data click forget password and enter your gmail id and password that your device is logged in with..but sometimes the device shows that the mail id or the password you entered is incorrect although you entered this point you need to reset your android lock.but one draw back of this method is you will lose all the data and apps in your phone memory. Reseting your android lock is very simple and this works with all android reset your android lock simply follow the below steps.

  • To reset your lock first switch off your device and keep it for some times..
  • now press the volume down button and the lock buttons simultaneously for 30 seconds.
  • you will get a green boot window the button until you get a red screen
  • now u choose WIPE DATA from the menu that is displayed in the screen
  • use volume up and down button to scroll up and down the menu and use the lock button to select
  • after you select wipe data select YES in the next screen
now you can switch on your device normally and you can able to use it..thus you can reset your android lock very easily now

note;This method will erase all your phone memory so think twice before you do..if you have any doubts regarding this comment below..thank you

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