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Windows 8.1 update brings notification bar to windows phones

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Windows phones are expected to get windows 8.1 update very soon.One of the new feature added to windows 8.1 is windows 8.1 is likely to get notification or action bar same like android.The notification or the action center is still a missing features in windows mobiles as Android and Iphones already have that.

Windows 8.1 update brings notification bar to windows phones

Last weak we had a leaked video from a Chinese website of the upcoming phone the new Nokia Lumia 630 with Windows 8.1.The leaked video shows that the phone have the notification bar where you can easily access to Wifi,Bluetooth,adjust brightness which is still a missing feature in Windows phones.The Nokia Lumia 630 unveiled at the Nokia event scheduled for April 2nd.

The windows 8.1 update also brings the new look to the start screen and also have the parallax wallpaper effect.Look at the video below to have a clear idea of the new updates in windows 8.1

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