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Use free internet in android mobiles-how to

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Now a days people use internet every day on android mobiles so i am here with free internet trick for android mobile using feat vpn.It is not afford to spend lots of money for using internet in android but now you can use full free internet service using feat vpn.Make sure you follow every steps i instruct correctly so that you can enjoy free internet for android mobile at anytime from every where :)you can download feat vpn app from play store but you have to pay for it..But there is no problem read this article to download it for free.

Use free internet in android mobiles-how to

steps to use free internet in android :

  • create new vpn or save your current vpn into .zip type in your sd card.
  •  Download and install feat vpn to your android mobile.
  • Now launch the vpn application in your android device
  • You will find a add button so just tap that option
  • Now read all the instructions mentioned very carefully and click the load button
  • After you tap load option you have to select the .zip file that you have created from your sd card 
  • That's it :) If there is no problem with your config files also also TCP is kept open in your area you will be successfully connected to VPN.
free internet in android is now easy ..working fine!!

Use free internet in android mobiles-how to

Now you can enjoy full internet service on your android mobile for free.No need to spend any money for your browsing and for downloading,free Facebook,twitter for anytime and everywhere.If you have any trouble while following these to enjoy free internet please leave us comment below.Thank you!

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