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Make your android mobiles work faster and increase performance

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Making your android mobiles and tablets to work faster without lag is quite easy.Everyone who are using android mobiles can feel that there mobile is working slow when it gets old.You may feel lots of lags and decreased performance of your android mobile.Below i have provided some of the tips i use to make android mobile to run faster without any lag.

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Make your android mobiles work faster and increase performance

Update Android version :

First of all make sure that your android software is up to date.Because the lower android version may make your phone slower so check for updates frequently.

Avoid live wallpapers :

Live wallpapers needs high memory to perform its task so it advisable to avoid live wallpaper to increase your android performance.

Move apps to SD Card :

If the phone memory is full or low you may feel that your android device is getting slow so always move your apps and games to SD Card.Use App2sd app to move your app to SD Card or do it in application settings.

Uninstall Unwanted Apps :

Make sure that you uninstall all the unwanted apps in your mobile.Having too many apps will slower your phone performance.

Clean Memory Frequently :

Frequently try to clear the memory and free up the RAM memory.Use apps like RAM killer,Task killer to clear memory.Always try to clear RAM before playing any heavy games to play it without any lags.

For more tips and information to make your android mobile work faster and to increase its performance will be updated in the next post.For doubts please leave us comment below,Thankyou.

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