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Question and doubts about Nokia X Android device Playstore explained

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Nokia announced their first android devices Nokia X,Nokia X+ and Nokia XL last weak.Though people are happy to see android devices from Nokia,they are not up to the user expectation.Yes,they have lots of restrictions as they are tied up with Microsoft and they are using Android Open Source project.Before buying Nokia android device user have lots of doubts in their mind according to this Playstore issue so below i have provided some of answers to basic questions that user have asked.

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Question and doubts about Nokia X Android device Playstore explained

Does Nokia X family Android mobiles will have Google stack apps?

The answer is No.At stock the mobile does not have any Google stack apps like Play store,Google+,Google maps,Gmail. 

Can we directly install the .apk files in Nokia X android mobiles?

yes,like other android mobiles you can still install the .apk files directly that are located in file manager

Where we can download games and apps in Nokia X android phones?

User can download the android apps and games for their Nokia X android mobiles directly from their Nokia store.You can also download the apps and games from third party apps like amazon store,4shared etc.

Can we install Google play store in nokia x?

Unfortunately the answer is could not install Google play store in Nokia android device but still there is a way that you can root your Nokia x android device with custom OS to run Google play store.

Also leave your Questions or the details you know about Nokia android phones in the comment section below,Thank you.

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