Saturday, 29 March 2014

Windows 8.1 update brings notification bar to windows phones

Windows phones are expected to get windows 8.1 update very soon.One of the new feature added to windows 8.1 is windows 8.1 is likely to get notification or action bar same like android.The notification or the action center is still a missing features in windows mobiles as Android and Iphones already have that.

Windows 8.1 update brings notification bar to windows phones

Last weak we had a leaked video from a Chinese website of the upcoming phone the new Nokia Lumia 630 with Windows 8.1.The leaked video shows that the phone have the notification bar where you can easily access to Wifi,Bluetooth,adjust brightness which is still a missing feature in Windows phones.The Nokia Lumia 630 unveiled at the Nokia event scheduled for April 2nd.

The windows 8.1 update also brings the new look to the start screen and also have the parallax wallpaper effect.Look at the video below to have a clear idea of the new updates in windows 8.1

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Samsung Galaxy S5 will be available in India from April 11th

Samsung Galaxy S5 will be available from April 11th onwards in India.Today at the Samsung Galaxy S5 launch event held at Delhi revealed the datails about the most awaited Samsung Galaxy S5 in India.The Samsung Galaxy S5 would be priced between 51000 to 53000 in India but there is no confirmed detail about the phone in India which may be informed later before april 11th.

Samsung Galaxy S5 will be available in India from April 11th

The Samsung Galaxy S5 featuring 5.1 super AMOLED full HD display with the latest version of Android 4.2.2 kitkat OS.Though the mobile is announced with 2.5 GHz Qualcomm snapdragon 800 processor in Europe and America it is said to come with 1.9 GHz Exynos octa-core processor in India.The Samsung Galaxy S5  also includes 16 MP rear camera,fingerprint scanner and heat beat monitor.
Samsung Galaxy S5 will be available in India from April 11th

The Samsung Galaxy S5 will be available in Indian market from April 11th which would be priced arround 51000 to 53000 in India.The actual price of Samsung Galaxy S5  in India will be updated later.The handset also come in different colors like Blue,Gold,white and Black

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Facebook rolls back to its old look in 2014

Facebook often make changes to its news feed design to make it simple and clear.Facebook introduced a new look in 2013 for some of its user in order to get the feedback from them.The new Facebook looks very simple and had a larger news feed not displaying too much of ads.

Facebook rolls back to its old look in 2014

This looks very simple and you can have clear look at your post and news feed.The chat box is changed from right to left side and you cannot minimize it also you cannot see the friends activity which will be displayed in the top right corner.So after lots of feed back from many users Facebook decided to bring back its old look of news feed in 2014.

Facebook rolls back to its old look in 2014

from the above two images you can find the difference and Facebook finally rolls back to its old look and makes sure to have it new Facebook look of 2014

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Moto X will be available soon in India in Flipkart

Soon Moto x by Motorola will be available in India in flipkart.Last month Moto G is launched in Flipkart and had a great success as they had a record breaking sale.The 16 GB variant sold out in 12 minutes and 8 GB variant went out of stock in 30 minutes.Now Flipkart made a teaser to Officially launch Moto X in India very soon

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The Moto x hits a huge success in all other countries and we hope the same in India.Rumors says that Moto X will be priced around 25000 in India.If Moto X is launched in India it would be the best mobile at this price range.We also hope that Moto X will get user customization like other countries that we can design the look of the Moto X of our wish. Moto X may also get the wooden back in India. Thats all about Moto X launch in India and more news will be updated in the next post.

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Google search results gets new look

Recently Google changed the design of its logo and now Google search results gets new look.Google always make changes to its search algorithm often and now they are focusing on the design and the look of the search results.The new look of Google search results looks very clear ans simple

Google search results gets new look
                     (open the image for better viewing )

From the image you can find the difference between the old and the new look.Yes the new search results of Google looks clear and much simple than the old one.Also the underline below the each result is now omitted which makes the result more rich.The ad is made different from search result by using specific yellow logo.The Font of the new design is changed which looks more spaced and they are easy to access.

Monday, 10 March 2014

Make your android mobiles work faster and increase performance

Making your android mobiles and tablets to work faster without lag is quite easy.Everyone who are using android mobiles can feel that there mobile is working slow when it gets old.You may feel lots of lags and decreased performance of your android mobile.Below i have provided some of the tips i use to make android mobile to run faster without any lag.

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Make your android mobiles work faster and increase performance

Update Android version :

First of all make sure that your android software is up to date.Because the lower android version may make your phone slower so check for updates frequently.

Avoid live wallpapers :

Live wallpapers needs high memory to perform its task so it advisable to avoid live wallpaper to increase your android performance.

Move apps to SD Card :

If the phone memory is full or low you may feel that your android device is getting slow so always move your apps and games to SD Card.Use App2sd app to move your app to SD Card or do it in application settings.

Uninstall Unwanted Apps :

Make sure that you uninstall all the unwanted apps in your mobile.Having too many apps will slower your phone performance.

Clean Memory Frequently :

Frequently try to clear the memory and free up the RAM memory.Use apps like RAM killer,Task killer to clear memory.Always try to clear RAM before playing any heavy games to play it without any lags.

For more tips and information to make your android mobile work faster and to increase its performance will be updated in the next post.For doubts please leave us comment below,Thankyou.

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Question and doubts about Nokia X Android device Playstore explained

Nokia announced their first android devices Nokia X,Nokia X+ and Nokia XL last weak.Though people are happy to see android devices from Nokia,they are not up to the user expectation.Yes,they have lots of restrictions as they are tied up with Microsoft and they are using Android Open Source project.Before buying Nokia android device user have lots of doubts in their mind according to this Playstore issue so below i have provided some of answers to basic questions that user have asked.

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Question and doubts about Nokia X Android device Playstore explained

Does Nokia X family Android mobiles will have Google stack apps?

The answer is No.At stock the mobile does not have any Google stack apps like Play store,Google+,Google maps,Gmail. 

Can we directly install the .apk files in Nokia X android mobiles?

yes,like other android mobiles you can still install the .apk files directly that are located in file manager

Where we can download games and apps in Nokia X android phones?

User can download the android apps and games for their Nokia X android mobiles directly from their Nokia store.You can also download the apps and games from third party apps like amazon store,4shared etc.

Can we install Google play store in nokia x?

Unfortunately the answer is could not install Google play store in Nokia android device but still there is a way that you can root your Nokia x android device with custom OS to run Google play store.

Also leave your Questions or the details you know about Nokia android phones in the comment section below,Thank you.

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