Thursday, 13 March 2014

Moto X will be available soon in India in Flipkart

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Soon Moto x by Motorola will be available in India in flipkart.Last month Moto G is launched in Flipkart and had a great success as they had a record breaking sale.The 16 GB variant sold out in 12 minutes and 8 GB variant went out of stock in 30 minutes.Now Flipkart made a teaser to Officially launch Moto X in India very soon

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The Moto x hits a huge success in all other countries and we hope the same in India.Rumors says that Moto X will be priced around 25000 in India.If Moto X is launched in India it would be the best mobile at this price range.We also hope that Moto X will get user customization like other countries that we can design the look of the Moto X of our wish. Moto X may also get the wooden back in India. Thats all about Moto X launch in India and more news will be updated in the next post.

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