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                                 Hi friends now in this post let me say about rooting android device.everyone who own android device will come across this word rooting.Rooting your android mobile will allow you to use custom ROM with many features.rooting the android mobile will remove all the limitation and you can have full control over your android mobile.Rooting is a simple process it has both advantage and disadvantage. By rooting you can increase the performance of your android phones and change the official setting of your phone as your wish.Below I have listed some of the advantage and disadvantage of rooting android mobile

rooting android mobiles


CUSTOM ROM'S : You can install custom ROM to your android mobile if you root your mobile.custom ROM increase the phone speed and the performance speed

MEMORY SPACE : Rooting provides the android user lot of free memory.when the android phone is rooted then the user can install all the app in SDcard instead of phone memory.This saves the memory of android mobile and increase the performance of the phone

APPLICATION : you can run a special application when your android mobile is rooted.There are many special app that runs only on rooted you can enjoy those special application if your android mobile is rooted


WARRANTY: The main disadvantage of rooting android mobile is warranty.Your warranty will be disabled immediately when your mobile is rooted so think twice before you proceed.

BRICKING: Next to Warranty the main disadvantage is Bricking.The word Bricking itself says the condition of the mobile.yes if your android mobile is bricked then your mobile is of no use and you cant use it any more.

CONCLUSION :  As mentioned above there are many advantage as well as disadvantage of rooting android mobile.think wisely before you act..if you have any queries about this topic please leave us comment below

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