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Facebook new features & latest updates

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Facebook after changing to its look it made some easy navigation and UI for easy use and Facebook also added some new features and shortcut keys for better experience.The new features and some of its latest updates are really usefull and that would be a great thing for Facebook lovers.Lets take a look at some of new features and latest updates of Facebook

Facebook new features & latest updates

Now posting pictures and links in Facebook made much easier that you just need to drag the photo you want to post and place is in the status box and click post.This shortcut for posting pictures is very simple and saves time.

Facebook new features & latest updates

Facebook in its new look placed a key that looks like lock.That key is a shortcut to privacy setting and you can manage thing like who can see you stuff and who can comment on your post and even much more

Facebook new features & latest updates

People often update status on Facebook and keeping this in mind Facebook added a new features in status can now also add you work that your doing right now like watching tv,hearing songs and also update your mood at present like feeling happy ,sad ,sleepy and many thing 

Facebook new features & latest updates
Ha ha surely this is my favorite Facebook update because it allows me to turn off notification for specific page or request easily.I often receive lot of game requests and surely I do not pay any attention to that.Now Facebook made a easily shortcut to turn off notification for specific person or page in notification bar.

Final words : I just simply love the features and updates of Facebook new look and i have lots of fun.please leave us your feedback in the comment below .Thank you !

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