Saturday, 23 November 2013

Apps to make android mobiles looks like windows mobile

By Vijay Nelson Raj  |  01:40 5 comments

There are many apps in android which make android mobiles looks like windows mobiles.If you are bored of android OS you can try these apps to get the feel of windows mobiles.The apps i have mentioned are free of cost and you can download directly from the play store with the link provided.With these apps you get the look of windows 8.0 in your android mobile and it got every features which are provided in windows phones.

Launcher 8 Free - Download 

Launcher 8 free is a great app for windows 8 UI and its a false Wp8.With this app you get the exact look of windows can change the tile size ,change the theme and can also set the background.Download this app from the link provided above .

Windows 8 Lock Screen - Download 

With WIndows 8 lock screen you can get the exact look of lock screen as available in windows phones.You can also change the lock screen wallpaper and set date and time.

Author: Vijay Nelson Raj

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  2. I think we don;t need any kind of apps who change the look of android and makes it look like a windows phone because their is no sense to change the identity of android.

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