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iphone 6 release date rumors ,specification and features

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Many rumors spread world wide about the the launch of iphone 6.Though some say that iphone 5s will be released there a strong rumor for the launch of iphone 6.Apple launched the the most  advance mobile os IOS 7 on june 11th so there is a more chance of iphone 6 launch.the company have revealed some of iphone 6 features and its going to be the first iphone running on ios 7 os.There is lots of expectation for iphone 6 since leading mobile company launched their big smartphones like samsung s4,Htc one.Now lets see the features and specification of most searched mobile iphone 6.

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iphone 6 release date rumors ,specification and features

OS and the processor :
 apple is currently running dual core A6 processor on iphone i guess apple would make iphone 6 to rune on Quad core A7 processor .Regarding Os iam very sure that iphone 6 will run on world most advanced mobile os IOS 7.The phone is can perform with its full power with the best os and the processor.

Display :  

It is always happy to watch videos and photos in iphone because it has brilliant screen there is a important place for screen in iphone 6.Rumors say that iphone 6 comes with 4.8 inch amoled display so that the movie experience would be awesome than ever before.The screen has a resolution of 1920 * 1080 or even beyond that.It also has retina + IGZO display for HD resolution.The phone has 8 times higher sensitivity than the existing one.the new technology allows you to operate iphone 6 even with the gloves and pens.

Camera : 

The most important thing with iphone is its camera.the company apple always pays a special care for camera.The camera of iphone will be excellent and there is also some short flims taken with iphone cameras. so you could look for better camera experience in iphone 6 than iphone 5.The iphone 6 will come with 13.0 MP rear camera with LED flash light and 3.2 MP front facing HD camera with 3D resolution

Storage and price :

The storage of iphone 6 will be the standard storage of iphones as 16/32/64 GB and the internal storage would be arround 128 GB.Though rumors are spreading all over the world about iphone no one could predict the price of iphone 6 so we must wait until the official launch to know the price of iphone 6

Friends the specification and the features discussed above about iphone 6 are just the rumors.The correct features will be posted as soon as the official launch.Thankyou :)

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