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Android device manager to find lost android mobile

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Now Google itself announced about the Android device manager which helps you to find your lost android device.There are many apps to find the track your lost android mobiles like Android lost.But Google have now come with Android device manager for your android mobile to make you feel comfort and secured with your android mobile.Your android mobile is now secure than before with Google.

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Android device manager to find lost android mobile

Android Device Manager Features :

When ever you missed your phone at home or anywhere else you can make your android phone ring louder so that you can hear your phone.Also you can find the location of your android device in the map In order to track your lost mobile using Android device manager.When you phone is stolen by someone and you want to keep your data secure then you can also erase all your data of your device with just one click

Android device manager app availability :

The app to find your android device will be available later this month and it works on the platform android 2.3.3 and above.You just need to sign in to your android device with your Gmail id to use this app.

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