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Send receive voice message in WhatsApp now

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Now you can able to send and receive voice message in WhatsApp.WhatsApp is one of the leading social chat app that people use everyday.Till now WhatsApp allows the user to send text messages,pictures,videos and files but Now its more awesome than ever.Yes,now you can send and receive voice messages over WhatsApp which is very easy.Recently Facebook messenger launched push voice message and so its WhatsApp now. To get started to send voice message from whats do follow the below instructions :)

Send voice message in WhatsApp now

Send voice push message from WhatsApp :

  • Do upgrade your WhatsApp to latest version available.
  • To send the voice message press and hold the mike icon in the keypad.
  • To confirm sending the message release the hand or to cancel the message swipe left or right.
  • To use this feature in Nokia symbian os press and hold the menu button to record and release to send.
  • To send voice message in blackberry simply press and hold space button.
Send voice message in WhatsApp now

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