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Nokia lumia 1520 phablet specs price and release date

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Nokia named his new nokia lumia 1520 as phablet and its going to hit the market very soon.the specification and the features of nokia lumia 1520 already leaked on the internet.This device may be released today at the nokia's meet so every one is exited about the new nokia lumia 1520 which is the first phablet ever.

Nokia lumia 1520 phablet specs price and release date

The screen size of nokia lumia 1520 is 6inch with 1080x1920 full HD resolution.As per the processor part it with powered with quad core snapdragon 2GHz processor.this makes the handset very powerful.Along with this processor 2 GB of RAM made this device more awesome.Nokia Lumia 1520 runs on Windows 8.1 with the solid battery of 3400 mAh.
Nokia lumia 1520 phablet specs price and release date

Always the camera part of Nokia lumia is always special so this nokia lumia 1520 is provided with 20 MP pure view camera.Nokia lumia 1520 is expected to launch on 22 October 2013 at the price range of $699.99 which is 43200 indian rupees.For more details click the links given below

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